Arizona Liver Health now offers a clinically supervised program supported by your insurance. Our team can confirm coverage by your insurance before you being the LIVErHEALTHY program.  By combining your physician’s expertise with the latest advancements in technology, we can improve your health with an easy step-by-step program designed specifically for you.

One of our Clinical Care Navigators will coach you through the journey, connecting as often as needed to ensure you remain on track.

Clinically Supervised Weight Loss

Did you know that fatty liver is a dangerous condition with few symptoms that can cause serious complications like cirrhosis, cancer, and increased mortality? We have made the program very simple knowing weight loss is a struggle for many. First we conduct a phone meeting
between one of our clinicians and you to go over the program and how it works. We send you a scale that connects using a cellular network. Just turn it on, and we will begin receiving information from your home.


This program includes: 

  • Phone calls with our clinical staff.
  • Formal assessment and follow-up through your provider.
  • Development of an individual plan with an emphasis on weight loss goals, nutritional education, and realistic timeline.
  • Dietitian consultation for potential modifications to diet and lifestyle.
  • Your provider is always informed of your progress.  Your medical conditions are monitored throughout the process.
  • A scale with remote monitoring capabilities deliver daily weight information.

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