Diabetes and NASH: What’s The Correlation?

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Diabetes is known to cause NASH.

Many medical conditions like diabetes can lead to other potential health concerns. Read our blog to learn more about the correlation between diabetes and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH).

The Relationship Between Diabetes and NASH

Those living with diabetes are more likely to develop NASH. The relationship between diabetes and NASH exists because these conditions share similar risk factors. The liver helps regulate blood sugar, so if a person’s blood sugar is consistently low due to diabetes, over time, this can potentially cause damage to the liver. Unfortunately, this explains why it’s common for patients to have diabetes and NASH simultaneously, leading to a greater predisposition to both liver-related and non-liver-related illnesses and even fatality.

The cases of fatty liver disease amongst those with diabetes continue to skyrocket, making healthcare professionals worried. According to several studies, around one-third to two-thirds of those with diabetes have developed NASH. However, because many people don’t exhibit symptoms associated with NASH, it can be left untreated until it’s too late to manage.

You wouldn't let it happen to your phone, don't let it happen to your liver health.

Is There a Cure for NASH?

While there is no cure for NASH, there are ways to help prevent the development of the disease. Prevention is essential, especially for patients diagnosed with diabetes, as poorly managed type 2 diabetes can promote fatty liver disease or worsen liver damage.

Here are a few ways to help combat NASH:

  • Manage and maintain healthy blood pressure.
  • Keep track of your low-density lipoprotein (LDL or “bad” cholesterol). This type of blood fat should remain within doctors’ advised limits.
  • Limit alcohol intake.
  • Weight management is critical; aim to maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight.
  • Work alongside your doctor(s) to achieve a practical plan for blood sugar management.

Because fatty liver disease is often asymptomatic, a liver scan and blood tests are great methods to monitor liver health on a routine basis and help maintain good overall health. Although, every patient’s needs are different and should be assessed by your healthcare provider.

Diabetes can put you on the path towards NASH.

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