The Consequences of Obesity on the Liver

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Obesity can lead to liver disease. Find out why in our blog!

Obesity has become one of the most common and serious public health issues in recent years, leading to many health problems. Yet, many remain unaware of the consequences of obesity on the liver. Learn more in our blog below!

Excess Weight and Liver Health

It’s estimated that over a billion people globally are living with obesity. Yet, many of us are unaware that obesity can directly impact liver function. Excessive fat stored in the liver can lead to fatty liver disease, and the accumulation of too many triglycerides and cholesterol prevents the organ from doing its job correctly. Excessive fat can interfere with protein production, the breakdown of toxins, and the storage of vitamins and minerals. Excess weight can put pressure on the organs and stress the body to work harder than it can handle.

Fatty liver due to obesity.

Liver Complication(s) Due to Obesity

It turns out that obesity is one of the most common underlying causes of liver disease. As high as 80-90% of obese individuals are living with a form of liver disease. As mentioned above, the extra stored fat in overweight individuals prevents the liver from functioning leading to various health concerns. Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) are two of the most prevalent manifestations of liver disease. It often results in inflammation and the organ’s accumulation of free fatty acids. Another and more severe complication is cirrhosis of the liver, where scar tissue begins to replace healthy cells over time. Obesity has even been linked to a higher risk of the development of liver cancer. Therefore, it’s essential for individuals struggling with their weight to take preventative measures to help lower the risk of developing a liver condition.

Liver Health is Vital

Our liver is the unsung hero when it comes to caring for ourselves and our bodies. Every cell in your body relies on its function as it processes and distributes vital nutrients, minerals, and hormones necessary for healthy organ functions. It also helps maintain a steady chemical balance while filtering out toxins and other unwanted substances. Maintaining good liver health is especially crucial for those who struggle with being overweight in hopes to better prevent other health risks. Investing a little effort into keeping your liver healthy can be priceless in terms of long-term well-being!

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