The Impact of Diabetes on the Liver

November 4, 2022 | By | Diabetes, Liver | Blog, Clinical research, Fatty Liver Disease, Fibroscan, liver health, NAFLD

How diabetes can affect liver health!

November is National Diabetes Month. What better time to discuss one of the lesser-known effects of diabetes, its impact on the liver? Diabetes can result in a range of liver conditions, some of which can be serious. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the effects diabetes has on the liver and offer some ways you can promote your liver health.

The Domino Effect: Diabetes & the Liver

A sugary life isn’t necessarily always a sweet one. Diabetes is a condition that occurs when the body can’t properly process sugar. This can cause blood sugar levels to rise, which can, in turn, damage the liver. Diabetes can cause a range of liver conditions, including the following:

Alcoholic liver disease: Just as alcoholics are more likely to develop diabetes, people with diabetes are more likely to develop alcoholic liver disease. Alcoholic liver disease occurs when the body cannot break down alcohol properly, leading to damage to the liver.

Cirrhosis: This is a condition in which the liver becomes scarred and cannot function properly. It’s important to note that the leading cause of cirrhosis in the United States is diabetes.

Hepatitis C: This is a virus that can cause liver damage. People with diabetes are more likely to develop hepatitis C, and the virus can cause the liver to become inflamed and scarred.

 Fatty liver disease: This is the most common form of liver damage in people with diabetes. Fatty liver disease occurs when too much fat builds up in the liver. This can lead to inflammation and scarring of the liver.Liver damage warning signs!

LIVERing your Best Life with Diabetes

It’s time to balance the scale and do right by your liver. More impressive than its size is its functionality, performing over 500 tasks to keep the body healthy. Here are some top tips that diabetes patients can implement to keep their livers healthy!

  • Exercise regularly. Diabetes can lead to obesity, which can put a strain on the liver. Staying active will help keep your weight in check and reduce the risk of liver damage.
  • Keep your blood sugar levels in check. When blood sugar levels are high, it can damage the liver.
  • Schedule a liver scan. Diabetes can damage the liver even if there are no symptoms. Getting a liver scan can help catch any problems early and keep your liver healthy.
  • Stay away from alcohol. Alcohol consumption can cause fatty liver disease, which is a relatively common complication of diabetes.
  • Watch your diet. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Avoid processed foods and foods high in saturated fats to keep the liver healthy.

If you have diabetes, it’s important to take care of your liver. Following the tips above can help you keep your liver healthy and prevent unnecessary complications. Your star organ deserves a leading role in your thoughts!If you're failing to plan you're planning to fail! Schedule a free liver test today.

A healthy liver is a key to a happy life – take care of it, and it will take care of you. If you have any concerns about your liver, Arizona Liver Health offers FREE liver screenings via fibroscan to help identify fatty liver disease! Visit our website to schedule your consultation at one of our three locations today!