AZ Liver Unveils Mega Liver at Tucson Health and Wellness Expo

November 1, 2019 | By | Education

As part of its mission to educate the community about liver health, AZ Liver Health has created a large, inflatable educational tool to bring the liver to life. The nearly 12-foot tall liver highlights the major anatomy of the liver as well as common liver diseases. Visitors can actually take a walk through the liver and learn about liver diseases like Cirrhosis, NASH, NALD, Genetic Liver Disease, etc. and how to treat them. The inflatable liver was introduced at the Tucson Health and Wellness Expo in Tucson on 10/26 and will be making appearances at events in the near future.

Be sure to visit us this weekend and the following:

The Liver Walk, Tucson, AZ  – 11/2

The Phoenix Zoo – 11/9